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VScale is a powerful tool to assist with safe manipulation. Here are just some of its features:

    * A real-time, highly magnified view of the dial
    * Your choice of two, 'virtual' overlayed manual scales
    * A completely automatic mode were VScale read the dial mark position for you
    * Offers 1/20th of a dial marking resolution in all modes


    * Nothing attaches to the dial (so it doesn't add additional weight or drag)
    * Only one device to position on the safe (easy setup)
    * Designed to attach securely and out of the way (won't get 'bumped')
    * Able to work in low light situations (< 1 Lux)
    * Unlike traditional magnifiers, your view never shifts depending on the angle
    * VScale provided a fixed reference point even for missing opening indexes or loose dial rings

Making your own VScale kit:

VScale will work with any webcam, but if you want to really use VScale seriously, here is everything you need to put together your own VScale kit:

The best, although expensive, camera is the Watchport/V2 (or V3) camera (it was the one included with the VScale product). It is good quality, has multiple lenses, is built like a tank and has a large, tiltable base. You can find one online, Google for using this info:

Manufacturer: Digi International

You will also want to buy the optional lens pack (use the red and blue lenses out of the pack for the best results, see the manual):
Digi Watchport/V USB Camera Lens Pack
Mfg. Part: 301-9015-01

Also get 4 small, round rare earth magnets and a strong magnetic hook (to hold the USB cable of the camera so it doesn't pull the Watchport out of position). You can find all of this via Google and/or eBay.

Carefully pry off the rubber feet on the Watchport and save them. Then superglue the rare earth magnets to the base and superglue the rubber feet to the magnets. That way the magnets press the rubber against the safe for a strong, anti-slip grip.

Next take a small bit of paper (I used a hole punch to make a nice round circle) and some glue and cover over that accursed light on the front of the Watchport that reflects against shiny dials (otherwise that blinking, green glow will drive you crazy).

Finally go to your home improvement store and buy some Teflon Tape from the plumbing section. Wrap a small amount around the screw base of the red and blue lenses (not too much and trim off the excess with an Exacto knife) and screw them into the Watchport to set the tape. This tape will prevent the lenses from moving around in their base or turning too freely.
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