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Analog hacking - Safe manipulation software for safe technicians
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Contact Point Journal:

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Contact Point Journal provides you with the basic tools to assist with and document your safe manipulation sessions. It was designed to be a useful tool for students, teachers and safe techs in the field.

    * Automatic Graphing of Entered Contact Points
    * Work the way you want to:
          o Freeform descriptions (describe each graph the way you like)
          o Option to just record the left or right contact points
    * Quick and easy data entry features
          o Your next wheel position is calculated and entered automatically
          o Ability to use the Enter key (instead of just Tab) to move around
          o Insert decimals by pressing the spacebar
          o Automatically skips unneeded fields
    * Some basic audio tools to help you fine tune your 'touch'
    * Record the safe type, lock type and notes about each opening
    * Enter information about your customers, including their physical and mailing address
    * Extensive Help (included animated 'videos')
    * Print out a detailed copy of your manipulation sessions (including graphs!)
    * Export your graphs and data to the web or spreadsheets