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AnalogHacking is the home to innovative software to assist safe technicians. In addition, our blog attempts to cover how the Internet is changing the world of physical security, safe manipulation, lock picking and general safe & vault security.

Safe Technician Software Programs:

VScale is designed to display a real time graph of the dial on your computer during safe manipulation.  Precise measurement is easy and VScale can even read the dial markings itself.

Contact Point Journal provides you with the basic tools to assist with and document your safe manipulation sessions, including the automatic graphing of contact points. It was designed to be a useful tool for students, teachers and safe techs in the field.

Vernier Scale Maker print outs custom made Vernier scales to assist you during safe manipulation.  Some additional tools in Excel and PDF format are also included.

Safe manipulation software for safe technicians
Analog hacking - Safe manipulation software for safe technicians
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